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Mygaadd(eylla:D) its already November and yeah next year I'm going to take Spm, how good is that-.- not!! Ya Allah, lagi 2bulan for the years to end and we gonna start a new year .Terlalu cepat bagi aku untuk masa berlalu. Okay, kitorg budak-budak form4 sudah pun mengalami sesi pemulangan buku and sudah pun dapat buku teks bagi sesi form5 next year (Ya Allah, not excited seriously-.-') Okay then, next year there will be no Facebook ,Twitter nor this blog for a while:\ and yeah I'm sad already to hear that hahaha. But not that completely will be ignore bye me:D because I can't stand not being social-iessttt (it makes my heart hurt:P not!) Okay pray for me and wish me good luck for next year SPM 2013 Insyaallah I'll study even harder than this year and surely I'm gonna miss you Kacak❤ (remember me always will ya?:')